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Apax Education Visa Consultancy offers unparalleled student-centric services, surpassing the offerings of a typical visa agency. Our commitment extends far beyond visa processing as we provide comprehensive support and guidance to students both before their journey to Australia and upon their arrival.

Hello, I'm Kathryn!

I am one of the student support here in Apax Education Visa Consultancy. Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns. 

See you in Australia!





Pre-Departure Orientation

Embark on your Australian journey with confidence through Apax Education Visa Consultancy's comprehensive pre-departure orientation. Our tailored program equips you with essential insights, practical tips, and cultural know-how to seamlessly transition to life in Australia. From visa guidelines and accommodation insights to local customs and academic expectations, we ensure you're well-prepared for a successful and enriching experience Down Under. Start your adventure with clarity and assurance, courtesy of Apax's expert guidance.


When can I schedule my Pre-Departure Orientation?

Once you have your visa approved, please make sure to look out for Miss. Kathryn's email regarding your Pre-Departure Orientation. 

It is very important for you to attend the pre-departure orientation in order for you to have a smooth arrival in Australia. Make sure to take notes and ask questions during the orientation. 

Post-Arrival Orientation

Welcome to Australia! Apax Education Visa Consultancy is with you every step of the way. Our post-arrival orientation is your compass in this new chapter – from job hunting and resume refinement to insider tips and advice straight from our expert APAX Team. Let's navigate the road ahead together and ensure your success in your educational journey.

When is the schedule for the Post-Arrival Orientation?

As soon as you arrive in Australia, APAX wants to make sure you are fully equiped to embark your journy in the Land Down Under. We will be sending an invitation email for the next scheduled Post-Arrival Orientation which will be conducted by Ms. Aniway Caballe. Please take notes during the orientation and we would make sure to answer your questions as well. 

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Job-Assisting Progam

APAX offers comprehensive job assisting programs tailored exclusively for students. Our specialized services empower students with the tools and support needed to secure part-time jobs or internships in their study destination.

Barista Training

Forklift Training

Tile Cleaning


.....and many more to help you secure a job in Australia!

APAX Unique Student Services are designed to make the travel and settlement process smoother for individuals, particularly students, who are navigating a new environment. APAX help ease common challenges associated with traveling, such as transportation logistics, communication, and finding suitable places to stay.

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Free Airport Pick-up

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Transpo Card Assistance

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Sim Card Assistance


Student Accommodation Assistance

Student Support Officers

Dedication. Support. Assistance

This is our student support team located in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Cairns. After processing your visa, we want to make sure that you are well supported and guided as you arrive in Australia and we will always be here althroughout your journey. See you in Australia!


Kathryn Arguelles

0420 766 224


Angel Fetiza

0452 230 607


Pamela Pasion

0450 817 178


Regan German

0475 731 453





Book a consultation with our Qualified Education Consultants

Send us a message or email your resume to to talk to one of our Qualified Education Consultants here at APAX Education Visa Consultancy.

Sydney: (+61) 403 441 983        Brisbane: (+61) 452 574 144        Philippines: 02 872 39371     Cambodia: (+855) 070 834 144

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