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Apax Education and Visa Consultancy

APAX Education Visa Consultancy, your partner in academic excellence. Explore a world of possibilities with a wide range of courses across diverse fields, handpicked schools, and personalized guidance. Join our journey of knowledge through our impactful seminars that have illuminated pathways for countless students over the years.



Apax Education Visa Consultancy is committed to providing comprehensive educational support to students as they embark on their learning journeys. Our courses are designed to equip students with the tools they need to succeed academically, professionally, and personally.

Partner Schools

At Apax Education Visa Consultancy, we take pride in our collaboration with esteemed partner schools in Australia. These institutions uphold a tradition of academic excellence and provide a diverse range of courses tailored to international students.


As your guide to pursuing education in Australia, we are thrilled to present the courses offered by our trusted partner schools:

Seminars and Webinars

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Throughout our years of dedicated service at Apax Education Visa Consultancy, we have organized a wide range of informative and engaging seminars and webinars. These events have been designed to provide valuable insights, guidance, and up-to-date information to students and aspiring professionals.

Book a consultation with our Qualified Education Consultants

Send us a message or email your resume to to talk to one of our Qualified Education Consultants here at APAX Education Visa Consultancy.

Sydney: (+61) 403 441 983        Brisbane: (+61) 452 574 144        Philippines: 02 872 39371     Cambodia: (+855) 070 834 144

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