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Available Courses


Business Courses

(BSB50215) Diploma of Business

(BSB60215) Advance Diploma of Business

(BSB40820) Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications

(BSB52415) Diploma of Marketing and Communications

(BSB61315) Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communications

(10904NAT) Diploma of Social Media Marketing

(CPP4149) Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice

(CPP51122) Diploma of Property (Agency Management)


Leadership and Management Courses

(BSB40520) Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

(BSB50420) Diploma in Leadership and Management

(BSB60420) Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management

(BSB50820) Diploma in Project Management

(BSB61215) Advanced Diploma in Project Management

(BSB80120) Graduate Diploma of Management


Hospitality Courses

(SIT40521) Certificate IV in Kitchen Management

(SIT50416) Diploma of Hospitality Management


(SIT60316) Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management


Construction Courses

(CPC33020) Certificate III in Bricklaying and Block Laying

(CPC30211) Certificate III in Carpentry

(CPC31320) Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling

(CPC40120) Certificate IV in Building Construction

(CPC50220) Diploma of Building Construction

(RII60515) Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design


Information Technology Courses

(ICT50220) Diploma of IT

(ICT60220) Advanced Diploma of IT (Telecommunications, Cyber Security, Networking Engineering)


Automotive Courses

(AUR30612) Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology

(AUR30320) Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology

(AUR40216) Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis

(MEM31922) Certificate III in Engineering and Fabrication (Welding)


Agriculture and Animal Related Courses

(AHC30716) Certificate III in Horticulture

(AHC40410) Certificate IV in Horticulture

(AHC50416) Diploma of Horticulture

(AHC51416) Diploma of Agribusiness

(AMP80215) Graduate Diploma of


(AHC31120) Certificate III in Nursery Operations

(ACM20121) Certificate II in Animal Care

(ACM40418) Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing


Beauty and Therapy Courses

(SHB30416) Certificate III in Hairdressing

(SHB30516) Certificate III in Barbering

(CUA51015) Diploma of Screen and Media (Makeup Services)

(SHB50216) Diploma of Salon Management

(SHB50115) Diploma of Beauty Therapy


Childcare Courses

(CHC30121) Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

(CHC50121) Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

(HE20510V02) Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care

food tech.jpg

Food Technology Courses

(FBP50118) Diploma of Food Science and Technology


Yoga and Fitness Courses

(SIS30315) Certificate III in Fitness

(10865NAT) Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching


Health Care Courses

(CHC33015) Certificate III in Individual Support

(CHC43015) Certificate IV in Ageing Support

(CHC43115) Certifcate IV in Disability Support

(CHC52015) Diploma of Community Services

(CHC51015) Diploma of Counselling

(CHC53315) Diploma of Mental Health

(HLT54115) Diploma of Nursing


Health Services Courses

(HLT52015) Diploma of Remedial Massage

(HLT35021) Certificate III in Dental Assistance

(HLT33015) Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance

(HLT37315) Certifcate III in Health Administration

(HLT33115) Certificate III in Health Services

(HLT37215) Certificate III in Pathology Collection

(HLT62615) Advanced Diploma of Aturveda

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