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Job Placement

Skill Connect

Candidates are offered good and fair employment opportunitie. Employers are offered employees who will exceed and achieve above and beyond employer’s expectations.


Apax Skill Connect for Job Placement

ASC assists international students and international workers to find jobs across different industries in the Australian Labour Market.

ASC works closely with Australian employers and businesses to provide a reliable and hard-working workforce that will be beneficial for all parties involved.

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Process for Job Placement

  1. Send Resume to

  2. Interview with Apax Skill Connect HR department

  3. Upon reference checks, Short List of candidates is created.

  4. Short listed candidates will need to sign the agency services agreement

  5. Recommended short list to be forwarded to emploeyr and interviews to be scheduled by employer

  6. Employment contract is offered to successful candidates

  7. Job Placement Fee is paid by candidate once they have accepted the employment offer. 


NOTE: Communications is continuously given to all parties involved, both employer and candidate during the job placement process regarding feedback, progression to the next stage and unsuccessful progression.

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